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I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything… I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere… But if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.

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(Evansville Historic District by black.doll)

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Paro Lake Trail (by Seiman C)

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With the anime gaining more popularity with each new episode, so many talented graphic makers in this fandom often times don’t get enough recognition for their work due to a lot of traffic in the Tokyo Ghoul main tag. Other anime fandoms have been successful in solving this by creating a general “edit tag”. Here’s a link to the anime graphic tag masterpost. We actually already have an edit tag: #tgedit. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it’s existence, so help us get the word out!

What is #tgedit?

  • a special tag for graphic makers to use for all their Tokyo Ghoul edits 
  • things to tag as  #tgedit [gifs, graphics, edited manga caps basically anything visual]
  • things NOT to tag as #tgedit [text posts, personal stuff, reposted edits, reposted fanarts, rps, audio posts] 

How does  #tgedit work?

Why should I use  #tgedit?

  • It makes hunting and reblogging Tokyo Ghoul graphics easier
  • It’s possibly the best way to discover new graphic makers and meet fellow Tokyo Ghoul fans

Start tracking this tag so that you can see even more amazing Tokyo Ghoul posts on your dash. Help us promote #tgedit or we will eat you raw.

*Original text taken from the snkgraphic promo post. Special thanks to infiniterhapsody for helping out with the graphics of this post.  

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How to be Kaneki’s Friend- a Guide by Hide

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strawberry sakusaku pandas (by Amanda N) on flickr

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Lunch time by rin: on Flickr.

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by camelife

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Tokyo Ghoul - Scenery 01/?

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Teikō Junior High School Basketball Club. A super strong school with more than 100 club members, boasting several successive championship wins. But even within that glorious history, there is still a team that can without fail be called the “strongest” - a generation of five players with talents that you would see once every ten years called the “Generation of Miracles.”

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we’ll settle this with basketball

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